Workshop Equipment

10 Tonne PORT-A-RAM Kit

10 Ton Hydraulic Porta Power Jack Ram Pump Frame Repair Kit

ACBA3HP150 3 Hp Portable Compressor (single phase)

Belt Driven, Twin Cylinder, 150 Litre, 11,3 CFM

AMH411000101 Hand Expander

Fast (does the job in 15 seconds max) •Compact built and easy to operate •Portable or be...

EEHA500A Headlight Adjustment

Headlight aimers for Cars, Trucks and Motorcycles

SNX3-4P 3 Tonne Trolly Jack

Low Height: 102mm Raised Height: 495mm Length: 710mm Width: 368mm Handle Length: 1282m...

SNX3JS 3 Tonne Ratcheting Trestle Jack Set

3000kg safe working load Min Height: 292mm Max Height: 432mm